Five Feng Shui Techniques for Designing a Less Stressful Home

Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway), meaning “Wind and Water”, is the ancient Chinese art of placement. Water and wind (breath) flows through everything; this flow of energy or life-force is called ch’i. Ch’i animates all living things and circulates throughout the spaces we occupy. Without ch’i, as without breath, there would be no life. Feng Shui is the art of designing environments that enhance this flow of energy. To have a happy and harmonious home, ch’i should flow like a babbling brook throughout its space supporting and energizing everything in its path.

You can create a more enriching and comfortable environment by using Feng Shui. Think of your home as a nurturing and positively charged space that has the power to enhance your whole life. Holidays can be strained and hectic, but there are a few straight-forward and simple changes you can make in your own home to create harmony and alleviate holiday stress:

  1. Clear the Clutter: Clutter can affect you physically and emotionally: it brings the eyes down, scatters your thoughts and stirs up negative feelings. The holidays should not be an excuse to bring more ’stuff’ into your home. Positive ch’i flourishes in an environment that is filled with objects that you love - not just possess. If you are decorating for the holidays, evaluate whether the objects you display are meaningful and inspire you.

  2. Welcome the Ch’i: By creating a welcoming front entrance, you not only make guests feel warm and welcome; you also activate the energy outside before it enters your home. Clean your entrance, clearing off any snow or debris and making any needed repairs to railings or steps, and then add ch’i greeters: a pair of decorative urns or potted evergreens that flank the entrance or steps, for example. Adding some red will add festive pop and charge the ch’i (for instance, you can use red dogwood branches or berries). Your front door is your home’s Mouth of Ch’i - one of the single most important areas of your home. Simple changes to this area often lead to positive changes in your life.

  3. Use Ch’i Enhancers: Use these basic Feng Shui tools to activate the ch’i your home:

    • Natural elements - Using fresh greenery and plants brings in a little nature and positive energy
    • Music - Soothing sounds or music evokes feelings of warmth and joy
    • Candles - Bring in this fire element which can instantly activate a room
    • Mirrors - Expand a room and move ch’i around the space

    Combine these items in a way that works for you. Have fun and keep it simple. Feng Shui doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive.

  4. Balance the Elements: The spaces we occupy should be balanced among the five elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Too much of one or not enough of another can affect our energy levels. Not sure what is missing from a space? Simply create a five element arrangement. Take a glass bowl with water (water element) and add some stones (earth element), white flowers (the flower is wood element and the colour white represents the metal element) and floating red candles (fire element), or come up with your own combination. Remember to be creative and make it personal and comfortable for you. The more you invest yourself in a Feng Shui cure, the stronger it is!

  5. Set a Positive Intention: By setting an intention or making an affirmation you will focus on a goal or desire that you wish to fulfill. Write something out that you wish to accomplish or see happen. For example, if you wish to have a peaceful family reunion, consider the following: “This holiday season I am grateful to be surrounded by my happy and healthy family.” Be positive and affirmative and place the note somewhere meaningful like in a favorite family photo.