Good Feng Shui is Good Design

Interior design ideas

When many people begin the process of bringing Feng Shui principles into their home or space, they often struggle with what should take precedence: aesthetics or good Feng Shui. But the reality is that using Feng Shui doesn’t mean compromising on interior design.

Good Feng Shui can be good design. When a space is well designed it feels soothing and cohesive, and that is good Feng Shui. In fact, some of my favorite decorating elements are also excellent for increasing the flow of chi, or for off-setting any potential energy disruptions in a space.

Interior Design from a Feng Shui Perspective

The goal of my approach to Feng Shui design is creating a space that is tailored, not only to fit your personal style, but to improve the energy. I combine traditional Feng Shui tools, like the Bagua Map and the Five Elements, with contemporary interior design principles to create a space that is harmonious and comfortable for you and your family.

My goal is to create spaces that exceed my clients’ expectations. I encourage my clients to be as involved in the process as they wish to be; our relationship is always collaborative ensuring the vision is realized. I provide clients with a road map and vision to a truly inspired space. Other design services include:

You can learn more about my consulting services, including how to set up a free information call with Laura, here.

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