23 Signs that you have hidden Feng Shui talents

23 Signs that you have hidden Feng Shui talents

Updated: August 30, 2016.

I started to write this list as a fun, little exercise as I waited for my train one rainy afternoon. I was surprised how easily the points came to me proving that many of us subconsciously practice the basic energy work that underlies Feng Shui principles. This list illustrates how accessible, practical, and everyday Feng Shui can be. I do not want to diminish the highly technical and methodical aspects of the Feng Shui I wouldn’t have a job if I did. I wanted to take the “otherness” away from the practice; it isn’t esoteric, weird, or ‘out there’. I wanted this list to demonstrate that Feng Shui is for everyone, and it is all around us.

We need energy workers, healers, and positive ch’i in our communities, our homes, and our lives more than ever, but many of us remain hidden or unsure if we have what it takes. The list of attributes below shows just how commonplace positive energy shifts can be. We all have the ability to nourish, heal, and support others, even if it is in a small way. Read through the list below and see if you have been unknowingly shifting, rebooting and enhancing energy. Find out if you have hidden Feng Shui talents:

  1. You love having fresh, cut flowers on display.
  2. You keep the windows wide open whenever possible.
  3. You prefer simple, solid coloured sheet sets and avoid busy patterns.
  4. You are constantly auditing your stuff.
  5. You frequently light candles in your home.
  6. You own at least one wind chime.
  7. A squeaky door hinge secretly drives you crazy.
  8. You are attracted to crystals like amethyst, quartz, geodes…
  9. You painted your front door red or another bold colour.
  10. You have happy, healthy pets.
  11. You regularly clean your stovetop.
  12. You hate having a TV or mobile phone in the bedroom.
  13. You love to open your blinds and let the sunlight stream in.
  14. You are connected to the elements and feel better when you are near a body of water or when walk on the grass in your bare feet.
  15. You feel funny in certain homes or spaces and can’t explain why.
  16. You like to get your hands dirty because it recharges you, e.g. gardening, cooking, painting…
  17. You often feel the urge to rearrange furniture, especially in other people’s homes.
  18. You are very sensitive to chemical cleaners and toxic finishes.
  19. You read other people’s energy without even knowing it.
  20. You have very specific colour preferences.
  21. You often feel the need to sweep your front porch or front step.
  22. You dislike and are sensitive to bright florescent lights.
  23. You stop to see the beauty around you in everyday life.

Bottom line: the foundation of practicing Feng Shui is a connection with, and a sensitivity to, the world around you. You may not have mentally checked off all the points but if you saw a pattern and felt a resonance with the list above then you are practicing the basics of Feng Shui. You are moving the energy or ch’i around your home, you are replenishing your own ch’i, and you are supporting the energy of others. Nice work! ☺

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