9 Beautiful Energy Boosters for your Home

9 Beautiful Energy Boosters for your Home

Try these nine simple ways to boost the energy in your home. Don’t over think it just add the items that resonate with you. Walk around your home, do an energy check looking for: dull corners, places you avoid, areas that you feel need a little TLC. Mindfully add the item to your space, placing it with ease, openness and intention.

  1. Crystals: Natural crystals are very powerful. Borne out of the earth they contain deep vibrational energy that can help you feel grounded, clearer and at peace. Simply having these magical minerals in your home connects you with a transmuting and transformational energy. The energy of mother earth – nurturing chi. Choose crystals that resonate with you: they catch your eye or compel you to pick them up.

    9 beautiful energy boosters for your home

  2. Bells: The ringing of bells is a simple way to clear negative or lingering energy. Tingsha bells give a physical vibration that resonates at a cellular level. When you ring the bells you can feel it. Ring them clearly and loudly nine times to clear your space. Ring them once to start or end an important task.

  3. Bamboo: This fast growing and resilient plant is easy to care for. You can enhance your lucky bamboo by placing the stalks in a vase with water and natural stones. By adding bamboo to your home you are adding the strong, vital energy of the wood element. You can choose 3, 5, 8 or 9 stalks – if you have the room go for nine!

  4. Birds: Birds are beautiful, graceful and a little bit magical. Symbolically birds are powerful because they have the ability to fly, connecting us with the heavens. Birds can symbolize new beginnings, love, commitment and longevity. Hanging pretty and delicate prints of song birds is lovely way to bring this magical bird energy into your home.

  5. Wind chimes: Often used as a Feng Shui cure to disperse negative ch’i, wind chimes are hung inside and out. A good place to start is to hang the wind chime in the front of the home or by a side door. Choose a wind chime that sounds lovely to you. The ringing attracts beneficial ch’i to your door.

  6. Candles: Fire is pure energy. The energy of fire is transformative and candles have been used for centuries in sacred rituals. Choose candles that are free from synthetic fragrances, paraffin, and petroleum bi-products, use clean burning candles containing only plant based materials like beeswax.

  7. Fish: Gold fish and koi are symbolic of harmony and happiness. The imagery of the yin and yang koi completing each other is symbolic of a happy marriage or harmonious energy. Fish tanks and aquariums combine the water and fire elements attracting wealth energy.

  8. Mirrors: Mirrors are an easy Feng Shui cure to expand and open up the energy of a room. You can use decorative mirrors in tight, narrow hallways to give the ch’i some breathing room. Be mindful of what you are reflecting, mirrors will double it.

  9. Orchids: Orchids are rare, refined and graceful. Boost love energy by adding beautiful and delicate flowering plants to your home, especially in the bedroom. They are symbolic of a rare and special love.