Nine Feng Shui Adjustments: Small Feng Shui Objects that Change the Energy in a Big Way

Nine Feng Shui Adjustments: Small Feng Shui Objects that Change the Energy in a Big Way

You don’t need to knock down walls to improve your home, you can add small powerful energy shifting tools to correct and adjust Feng Shui issues. Below are nine ways to adjust and correct the energy of your space for issues such as: missing areas, negative lines chi, tight or confined spaces, sharp angles and odd shapes. These nine basic types of adjustments (cures), also called the method of minor additions, are the physical and mundane corrections most commonly used in Black Sect Feng Shui. They are often grouped by characteristic and function. I am going to list the most common and straight forward additions. The idea is that a little goes a long way. A small, positive addition, for example, adding a small mirror, can have a big impact to correct a larger problem.

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.
— Vincent Van Gogh

These mundane adjustments are used for multiple Feng Shui issues, some common applications are: to expand an area that is deficient, to dissipate and modulate chi, and to boost energy.

  1. Lights and lighting: effective lighting can correct the direction of chi, and bring more chi to a needed area. Balancing the amount of light in a space is important; too much harsh, bright lighting can make a space too yang, too little light will make a space feel dark and dull. Mixing different types of lighting in a space is key. In designing a space there 3 types of lighting: general, task, and accent. It is a good idea to have the general/overhead lighting on a dimmer, and have bright task lighting when needed. For accent lighting, using table and floor lamps are a great Feng Shui fix to brighten a dark, stagnant corner. Subtle accent lighting can transform a room. You can also use outdoor uplighting (lights directed upward) in a yard to lift the chi of a sloping lot.

  2. Faceted crystals: also called a Feng Shui crystal or ball, is a man-made, faceted crystal. Often made from a blend of lead and glass, these Feng Shui crystal prisms come in various sizes and colours. They have a small hole drilled in the top so they can be hung.

    What Feng Shui crystals can do Where/how you can use them
    • refract light
    • modulate chi or energy
    • slow energy down
    • speed energy up
    • dissipate sha chi or negative energy
    • expand a missing area of the bagua
    • in a window to redirect negative chi
    • in a low energy area
    • in a specific area of the bagua
    • in a landing with many doors
    • in a hallway with fast moving chi
    • redirect a ‘bad’ or draining line of chi
  3. Mirrors: can do many magical things. They can expand and open a narrow space, reduce negative chi by absorbing it, or contained it. A well-placed mirror can reduce disruptive floor plan issues such as an entrance with a ‘brick wall’ effect, it creates space and allows chi to flow more smoothly. They can also boost certain areas of the bagua by activating water chi; for example, in your career gua (Kan).

  4. Wind chimes and bells: Resonating sound is a great way to get chi moving. They also change the vibration of negative chi, and can adjust an inauspicious direction of energy. For example, if you can see the stove when you walk into you home place a metal 5 tube (for the five elements) wind chime near the front door (inside), alternately for a business if you can see the cash register. Tingsha and Tibetan bells are used by many Feng Shui practitioners to clear a space of negative chi, and residual, unwanted energy.

  5. Plants and flowers: plants are living adjustments, they bring vital living chi into a space. You can use them to boost the overall chi of a home, or place them in an area that is missing part, or all, of a gua (area of the bagua). Using multiple plants is sometimes necessary to correct a floor plan issue. It is important to change out flowers regularly, and to remove any dying plants.

  6. Water fountain: having a water feature in the correct position can boost wealth chi. It will increase flowing energy toward your home. If you are landscaping, adding an outdoor water feature with lighting is extra powerful; you are combining two adjustments. If you are adding flowing water, avoid placing it in the fame sector of your home or lot.

  7. Colour: is used to change the quality of energy, and to enhance areas of the bagua. There are different colour systems you can use in Feng Shui: five element colours, six true colours, and the corresponding colours of the bagua. See the articles I wrote on colour and the five elements.

    Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies
    — Mother Teresa

  8. Flags or mobiles: this is to bring movement to an area of the home, or surrounding lot, where energy may need to be redirected. Along with effective landscaping, moving outdoor accessories like wind socks, whirly gigs, and flags help to lift and redirect inauspicious lines of chi. If you live on a fast-moving street with a lot chi being directed at your home you can use moving objects and accessories to modulate chi. Flag poles are a great way to secure and ground a missing corner of the bagua. It not only completes the bagua, it also lifts the chi toward the heavens.

  9. Grounding objects: these are objects that give a space or area stability and weight. A large rock placed in landscaping to protect a home from on-coming sha chi (direct and fast-moving). A geode or beautiful, natural crystal can be added to an area where more earth chi is needed. A headboard is also an example of a heavy or grounding object; it is the mountain behind your head that protects and shelters you.