Feng Shui and Colour

Feng Shui and Colour

Can colour change the way you feel? I think most of us would agree that it can. Just think about the jolt of energy you feel when walking into a room with brightly coloured walls, or the comfort you feel in a room with “warm” light bulbs. We know that colour can affect our mood and even our actions, but what about Feng Shui colour principles. Feng Shui colour theory, as with all the systems in this practice, starts with nature. The yin and yang play of colour found in water, mountains and fields, creates powerful symbolism that is hard-wired into our subconscious.

Feng Shui practitioners have long believed that colour is a powerful tool that can shape the energy of a space. It can shift the energy in a home, as well as alter your own personal chi. Colour is all around us and is influencing our energy patterns every day. Our reactions to colour are deeply ingrained in cultural beliefs; combine this with the ancient principle of the five elements principles, and you have yourself one powerful Feng Shui tool.

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