the tarot

Traditional divination tools such as Tarot and the I Ching can help us to look deeper within ourselves and tap into our unconscious (our yin side). Laura uses these practices to gain insight into a client's current situation, to help them make personal and business decisions, and to improve their outlook overall. Tarot and I Ching readings are excellent complementary modalities to add to a feng shui consultation, and provide added insight and clarity.

The Tarot

Tarot card reading in the form we know and recognize today dates back to 15th century Italy. The Tarot began as the card game tarrochi, and over the centuries developed into the version with seventy-eight fully illustrated and deeply symbolic cards: 22 Major Arcana, 56 Minor Arcana and Court cards. What direction should I take? What am I not seeing right now? A Tarot card reading can give a querent insight into emotions, patterns, and unseen aspects of a situation. Book a reading

The I Ching

The Yijing (I Ching the Book of Changes) is a 4000 year old Chinese divination text composed of 64 hexagrams each encapsulating a universal state of being. During a reading, six coins are used to create a sequence of yin and yang, a hexagram. What should I be aware of? How should I conduct myself? How should I proceed with this business decision? The hexagram revealed with the coins symbolizes the type of energy surrounding the situation/issue.



Dowsing is a method that gives a practitioner additional information regarding the energy of a home, floor plan, or the client’s current client situation. Dowsing helps you to read the qi of a space. It is an excellent method to help clear stuck or residual energy.

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Laura uses Tarot or I Ching to gain awareness and clarity for her clients. Readings are included as part of the full feng shui consultation (both virtual and on-site), to gain insight and to help get to the heart of the matter. Client’s are asked to submit questions and inquiries on their consultation in-take form. Stand-alone Tarot card reading can also be booked below.

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