Activate Love in Your Life with Feng Shui!

Activate Love in Your Life with Feng Shui!

Are you searching for that special someone? You have been putting yourself out there, dating, and meeting new people. Or maybe you are finding that your current romantic relationship needs some TLC. How about giving your love life an energetic boost? Let’s add a little feng shui magic to your home.

There are many ways Feng Shui can empower you to activate the energy in your life. Let’s start by boosting and strengthening your love qi (energy) by making some simple changes to your home and bedroom.

Is there space in your life for love (literally and figuratively)?

Let’s review your bed. Are both sides of your bed accessible? Could your partner climb into his or her side easily? Make sure your potential partner feels welcome and invited.

Continuing to look around, is there space to move past the bed, or are there large pieces of furniture or clutter blocking the way? A blocked space can mean blocked energy.

Finally, are there too many toss pillows, shams, throw cushions on your bed. Do you need to remove a dozen throw pillows before you can even get into bed? This can symbolize your bed is too crowded, and that there is no room for anything or anyone else. 

A single focus: are you telling the universe that it's a one woman (or one man) show

Many single people have only one nightstand – why would you need two, right? They have one reading light on one side of the bed, and other side of the bed is used to store all those extra throw pillows. Am I right? The key is to set your room up as if you are already in a relationship. Pay respect to your future partner, and give them equal footing in your “new” relationship.

Also take note of the pictures and artwork around your room and home; what does the energy feel like? Are there photos/art of single people or artwork that show lack of inspiration? Maybe you have a whole bunch of photos of you all by yourself. Choose artwork that invites more connection, partnership, and has an uplifting energy.

Finding Your Love Corner: Doing a Review

The bagua is an ancient tool used by Feng Shui practitioners to read the energy or qi of a plot of land, a home, or a bedroom. To simplify it: the bagua is a map that grids a space, and connects specific areas of your home to areas of your life, these areas are called guas. You can learn more about the bagua here.

Guess what? There is an area of your home that is dedicated to partnership and love. Ta da! So, you can enhance and improve that specific area of your life by making changes to your home or bedroom.

Activate Love Bedroom

Let’s start with your bedroom: to find your love/partnership area stand in the doorway of your bedroom looking in. Now look to the far-right corner, that is the partnership/love area. What does this area look like in your bedroom? Is there a single, solitary, chair? Is the area cluttered? Is there any artwork on the walls in your love corner? What you have in your love corner can tell you a lot. Take note and listen to what the universe has to say. Start by clearing it out if is it cluttered, then you can activate it by adding some special high-vibe items.

Some items you can add to your partnership and love gua to enhance love in your life

As you change the physical space and activate love in your life, also observe your own personal feelings and energy. Make sure you are open to change and inviting new love into your life.

Notice your thoughts as you review your love area, be sure you are doing this exercise with the highest good in mind.

If you are feeling nervous or worried as you change things in your home, maybe it’s best to spend a little time focusing on self-care before jumping into this exercise; show yourself love and compassion. Be patient with yourself and the process, and know that wonderful things take time to manifest.

Feng Shui has the potential to transform many areas of your life, not just your love life. Remember: start small, keep it simple, and have fun.

If you want to go deeper with feng shui and super charge you love life we created a mini course called Feng Shui Love Story at my feng shui school Mindful Design.

Activate Love Bedroom