Your Home, Your Sanctuary a new Feng Shui inspired book from Clodagh

Your Home, Your Sanctuary

Check out this new interior design book by Irish designer Clodagh. Her clean and earthy design style is paired with a Feng Shui philosophy which she explains in a practical and inspiring way.

“One of the most interesting concepts in the book comes directly from the nine centres of Feng Shui: In each chapter, one left-hand page offers nine pithy paragraphs on a particular subject, arranged in tic-tac-toe style, while the corresponding right-hand page features nine photos stacked in a similar grid, to illustrate (sometimes poetically) each point. The idea is to inspire rather than dictate, and Clodagh’s book does that beautifully.” –Martha Uniacke Breen, National Post

“An inspiring guidebook for green design.” –San Francisco Chronicle

“A ‘Top Nine’ visual checklist of essential design elements, as well as striking photography…makes this follow-up to her popular Total Design a fine addition to the minimalist’s library.” –Traditional Home