What does your clutter mean?

Continuing prep for the Chinese New Year…

If you need more convincing that clutter in your home is bringing you down and limiting your full potential here are some common types of clutter as well as some examples of what some clutter can represent symbolically in your life:

  1. “Just in-case” clutter: hoarding things that you think you may need one day can show a lack of trust in your own future.
  2. The way we were: too much clutter from the good old days will keep your energy locked in the past.
  3. The “must-haves”: collecting things in an effort to increase your status or worth i.e. expensive clothing. You need an item to make yourself feel accepted. A lack of self-worth is reflected in these objects. “No material object, however beautiful or valuable, can make us feel loved…” The Dalai Lama
  4. Basement clutter: can mean that past issues are not being dealt with or addressed.
  5. Attic clutter: can result in limitations on your loftier goals and dreams.
  6. Main entrance clutter: can limit opportunities in your career and personal development. The front entrance is the where the most chi enters the home – blocked chi = blocked opportunities.
  7. Clutter behind doors: equals low energy in the room that the door leads into.
  8. Cluttered hallways: too much large furniture or clutter blocks or slows chi this can represent or lead to a lack of progress in your life.

For a great book on Space Clearing try Creating A Sacred Space with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston.