The “unhotel” experience equals good chi for you

Anselm Rd (1)

Anselm Rd (2)

I love this room above. I’m a sucker for eclectic mixes of old world, art deco and Asian styles. More photos of this beautiful home and many others can be found on a site called One Fine Stay dedicated to showcasing homes in London where you can “stay in a real home with hotel style”. This lovely on Anselm Rd is a mere £319 per night. Mind you 6 people can stay there so I guess if you and your friends could afford it it would be a great way to travel and stay in London. I love the feel of this home: good balance of yin and yang elements, good light without feeling exposed and over windowed.

Dovehouse St (1)

Dovehouse St (2)

Here is another lovely, this one is a studio on Dovehouse St – this one only sleeps 2-3 people at £239 a night. Asian influences throughout mixed with baroque and modern furniture. The mirrored kitchen is interesting (not great the obsessive compulsive who can’t stand finger prints). From a Feng Shui point of view the mirrors make the kitchen disappear in a way and it expands that part of the home – great idea if you are missing a part of your bagua. Not sure that was the motivation of the owner. Most of these homes seem to be owned by architects and designers, not a surprise.

This “unhotel” experience comes complete with linens, WiFi and… Bell hops on scooters. Love it.

If you can afford it why not stay in a home that has been lovingly designed, maintained and cared for. You can choose a home that appeals to your innate sense of comfort, style and elemental chi (even if you don’t know it). Sounds like a recipe for good chi to me.