Spring has sprung, now bring it into the home

spring has sprung

So we are continuing to celebrate the arrival of spring with what we eat and put in our body’s. Not that you would know it was spring today – the weather has not been in sync with my spring fever. Hopefully the weather will turn around soon. Anyway. So what else can you do to detox and prep for the warmer weather. How about bringing spring into the home. I have just refreshed my home with splashes of limey green and chartreuse. It is fresh and vibrant but it also represents the wood element. The wood element is connected with spring, new beginnings and growth. It also is linked with health and family. So add a little green if you are feeling low energy or maybe you are starting a new exercise or diet regime, what a great way to symbolize your new endeavour. Next post – some examples of ways to bring the wood element into the home….