Create a Sacred Space and Manifest Positive Change in Your Life

Create a Sacred Space and Manifest Positive Change in Your Life

What does it mean to create a sacred space? Many people think of a sacred place, like a building dedicated to worship, but the word sacred has a secondary meaning: to revere and to place high importance onto an object, idea, or place. The origin of the word “sacred” is from the latin word sacrare meaning to dedicate. Yes, the word scared can seem a little loaded, and heavy, but at its core, is it about of finding a deep and dedicated significance, a transcendent quality. It is something special, something more than the everyday and mundane. Creating a sacred space is about creating a sanctuary, honouring yourself and your home.

Mindfully designing your home with intention is the foundation of creating a sanctuary; a place where you can begin manifesting your goals, intentions, and purpose. Here are three simple ways that you can start to bring more reverence, mindfulness, and peace into your home:

  1. Make space for new things: Doing a review of your space once every few months to remove clutter such as old papers, broken, and redundant items. Old and unwanted items create blockages and stuck energy in your home. Energy should flow through the home like water in a river. Ridding your home of objects that block this flow of energy keeps the chi (energy) moving freely through out your space.

  2. Bring some shui into your space: Use the ancient methods and practices of feng shui to layout your home on a deeper energetic level. The bagua is the energy grid used by feng shui practitioners to interpret a living space—a tool to map a home or plot of land that gives us a systematic way of looking at a home’s energy field. If you want to take a crack at using this tool on your own home, I have created a free ekit to get you started.

    Bagua eBook

  3. Mindfully build an altar: Collecting, displaying, and honouring specific items that align with the energy you want to cultivate in your life. Here are some tips to building an altar for manifestation:

    • Find a dedicated area: Your altar doesn’t need to be big or have a special fancy table, but it does need to have a dedicated spot that you have intentional designated and will continue to maintain and honour. It should be on a raised surface, a small table will work, or even a window sill in a pinch.

    • Depending on what you are displaying on your altar, you may want to avoid placing it in the bedroom or kitchen (if you live in a one room studio then choose a spot that is not directly next to the bed or stove/fridge). Check out Anjie’s post about placing an altar or shrine in the bedroom.

      purple altar

    • Choose items that are sacred to you: You can use deities, crystals, symbols that align with your beliefs, or with the energy you want to bring into your life. If you choose Buddhas or bodhisattvas make sure they are raised off the ground.

    • Choose a specific crystal that supports what you would like to manifest: rose quartz, selenite, aventurine, each one is unique and brings a different vibration to your space. The altar is also a perfect place for displaying a sacred geometry crystal grid.

    • Displaying mandalas (and yantras) is a beautiful way to symbolize the energy of the universe. Using shapes and colours, the mandala is a microcosm of the great energy of the cosmos, deities, and the universe as a whole.


    • Items to activate the energy: As mentioned above, crystals are a great addition to an altar, they can amplify and activate the energy. A piece of clear quartz crystal is a good amplifier, as well as energy clarifier. You can use candles to announce, spark, and activate an intention. Flowers and plants bring uplifting, vital energy to the altar. Burning incense on your altar is a simple way to honour any deities, buddhas, or bodhisattvas.

      Burning incense

    • You can start slowly: it is nice to slowly and mindfully build your altar over time. You don’t need to go “altar” shopping and get everything in one day. You can start with one meaningful item, a candle, and a small vase of flowers and it can evolve from there.

    • Honour your altar: Dust and clean your altar. By regularly maintaining your altar, you are honouring both the sacred items on it and your intentions. Changing up how and what you display may be necessary from time to time. Be sure to place unused items away respectfully, and with honour so they may be displayed at a later date.

The transformational power of mindful design

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