Ask a Feng Shui Question: What is Geopathic Stress?

My special guest to help me answer for this episode’s question is Maureen Calamia, feng shui expert and teacher.

The Question: What is Geopathic Stress?

The term geopathic stress seems to be catch-all to describe many site and house related ͞issues͟. These issues range from EMF disruptions, external energy issues that affect the home, as well as the more traditional notion of issues relating to energy grids that run through, and under the earth.

Geomancy: is an ancient practice across many cultures that readsand divines knowledge from the earth. The word translates as geo(earth) and mancy (soothsaying or divination). Traditionally geomancers would dowse, or look for signs from the lay of the land, to choose the most auspicious and supportive places to farm and live.

There are many variations and types of magnetic and energetic grids that dowsers and geomancers study. Things such as underground water can also impact how we as humans feel on an energetic and physical level. These underground lines can resonate, and shift our own personal energy (chi).

Earth chi: is the characteristic and quality of the energy of the land (earth) which surrounds us. Strong earth chi is important for humans and wildlife to flourish. Rich, fertile soil, with healthy trees, grasses, and plants is an indication of strong earth chi.

If the earth chi is depleted, or there is a stress on the land coming from below there can be signs. As I discuss with Maureenin the video, here are some indicators or signs that earth chi may be depleted:

Signs of Geopathic Stress

What can you do if you think you may have depleted earth chi or geopathic stress?

  1. Don’t panic – this is just a piece of information and the earth is speaking to you, see this as a gift.
  2. Confirm with dowsing (rod or pendulum)
  3. Do an energy clearing of the land or home
  4. Boost the chi with new soil and plantings
  5. Move your furniture and shift your space
  6. Use grounding crystals such as shungite, black tourmaline...
  7. Seek out the help of professional

Maureen is an inspiring thought leader in feng shui, energy and consciousness. She is founder of Luminous Spaces, a feng shui consulting firm and Re-Nature Feng Shui, a professional certification program. And this coming Spring, her book Creating Luminous Spaces: Use the Five Elements for Balance and Harmony will be available by Conari Press.