Luck and Fortune: can it be changed?

So how can a person change their fortune? I am working on an article about different kinds of luck and good fortune for It will be based on a mash-up of different concepts of fortune: the three realms of influence and the five factors of fortune that impact your path in life. This interpretation is my way of looking at fortune. It is founded in the concept of having a vision for your life before you do any Feng Shui. Focus on the things you can control to make changes in your life. You can’t control your birth destiny but you can impact what you do on this earth and the kind of person you are.

This is why having clear goals and setting intentions is crucial for Feng Shui to work.

Examples of questions you can ask yourself to get you thinking:

  1. What do I want to accomplish in the next six months?
  2. What selfless acts have I done lately? in the last week for example?
  3. Do my surroundings support me or could I improve my home or situation (includes the people around you) to make it more energizing?

Try starting with these three simple questions before you think about performing any Feng Shui cures to make sure that they will work in conjunction with your goals and aspirations.

More to come…