Good Sleep = More Love: Feng Shui and Your Bedroom

Good sleep = More love

Want a better love life? Start with a better night’s sleep

An obvious place to start improving your love life is in the bedroom, but not in the way you think. By using simple Feng Shui principles, you can improve the energy of the bedroom to benefit both partners.

My clients often ask me about how they can set their bedroom up for love; to create a better connection in their relationship. My first question to them is always, “How well do you both sleep?”. If the answer is very well, or like a log, I will gladly help them to up the love quotient by boosting the warm, yang energy of the bedroom. If the answer is, “Not well” or “I don’t feel rested”, then we take a step back, and explore what may be be causing the lack of sleep. Poor sleep can be the result if many factors: diet, hormonal changes, and life stresses. One easy thing to change is the layout and the energy of the bedroom.

I have had great success with clients that have taken an holistic approach to solving their sleep issues. They have made changes in diet or adopted a mediation practice (I often give them simple meditations we practice in the Black Sect Feng Shui school). The clients that get results have one thing in common: a commitment to changing the energy in their bedroom. They don’t wait a week, or even sometimes months, they do it that day, right after I leave their home they are already moving, cleaning, and making changes.

Here is my checklist for creating a better sleep environment using Feng Shui:

You can easily accomplish the checklist above in an afternoon (get the worksheet below). Check out my video, as well as my downloadable eGuide on how to design your Feng Shui bedroom. In the Feng Shui bedroom guide you will find five different types of bedrooms you can create, including one for love, and one better sleep.

I have thrown in a bonus too, to make it easier for you, I have created a bedroom checklist and a tip sheet to set-up your bedroom for love.

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