Increase Opportunities in your Life: Feng Shui Your Front Entrance

Increase Opportunities in your Life: Feng Shui Your Front Entrance

Invite positive energy into your life with this fun feng shui design project. It is the perfect creative design project to do when you want to increase opportunities, and stimulate energy for good fortune. It is also excellent to support the launch of a new initiative, a growth opportunity, or simply to make a fresh start.

The feng shui principles at work: There are two main feng shui objectives for this project. One is to open the home up, setting out the figurative (and literal) welcome mat for new energy. The second is to improve, and intentionally set the tone of the “first sight” upon entering the home. What do you see when you step into your home? Is it open, bright, and inviting? You come home every day through the same front door; it’s important that what you come home to lifts your spirits.

Greeting the chi: You will design your entryway using specific items, colours, and elements to receive the energy as it comes into the home. They will welcome the new energy/chi, calling it toward the home.

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What you will need for this project:

Check out an infographic here for more info about the design elements to feng shui your entrance.

enlarge infographic

Instructions: After you have prepared the entryway by cleaning and decluttering, you are ready to add pieces that will create a welcoming and inviting space for you and your visitors, to draw in new energy. Note: Each entryway space is unique and will require you to scale this project accordingly. Here are the three levels of entryway design:

Invite: The simplest way to invite new energy is to place a chi greeter just outside (or on) your front door. The chi greeter can be a bright and beautiful design element to attract energy i.e. flowers, planters, even your door colour.

Expand and settle: If you have a narrow entryway, you will want to also add an energy expander. This is a piece of artwork or a mirror that expands and opens the space.

Note: If you choose to hang a mirror watch what you reflect. Avoid reflecting the front door, a stairwell, or a bathroom door. If you are unsure about using a mirror, then choose a piece of art that you find inspiring and uplifting.

You can design a complete greeting area: If you have the space you can add all three inviting elements to create a vignette. You will add the chi greeter to attract the chi on the outside of the home. You will then choose an area in the entryway/ foyer that will accommodate a console table or bench. The chi expander (mirror or artwork) will hang over the energy settler (console or bench). If you have the space, lay a small vestibule-sized area rug.

Set your intention: You will be deliberate as you arrange and design your entryway. Each piece you choose and place has a purpose and significance. Be judicious and selective with what you choose to add to your entryway. Charge each piece with its purpose and your intention to: