Flower Power: Nine Flowers to Activate the Energy in Your Home

Flower Power: Nine Flowers to Activate the Energy in Your Home

Flowers and Feng Shui

Flowers are a simple, yet powerful way to change the energy in your home. Their scents and vibrant presence can be used to shift the energy in any space. Many flowers have shapes, colours, and symbolism that are perfect for feng shui. The nine flowers I have highlighted here are just a start, I could have easily added another nine, or nineteen.

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You can use flowers to adjust the space overall (i.e. with scent), or you can place them in specific areas of the home using feng shui as a guide. By combining flowers with the power of the bagua (a magical energy map for your home) you can activate specific areas of your home (or bedroom, or lot) that represent and align with your life. You may need to do a little more reading on the bagua to figure out where certain areas are in your own home (I recommend starting with your bedroom). You can download my free bagua energy map intro kit, and check out my article and video with Anjie Cho where we review each of the nine areas of the bagua in more depth.

  1. Orchids

    Orchids: Beautiful and delicate, orchids are always a stunning addition to a space. In feng shui we use them to boost your romance quotient. If you are looking for a loving and graceful partner place a pink orchid in the love area of your bedroom. Other orchid colours can be used in other areas of the bagua: white in helpful people and purple (or dark red) in wealth. The only downside is that when the bloom fades – then what? If you are an orchid queen you can get them to re-bloom, but if you are little less horticulturally inclined you can opt for an artificial orchid. Just make sure it is high quality and very life-like.

  2. Plum blossoms

    Plum blossoms: The symbolism of the gnarled branches decorated with delicate flowers is one of perseverance and hope. The plum blooms in very early spring, even when the chill of winter remains. The plum blossom is one of the four symbolic flowers of the seasons: plum blossom {winter}, peony {spring}, lotus {summer}, chrysanthemum {fall}. Imagery and paintings are a great substitute for the real thing, you can add this symbol of resilience and strength to your career area.

  3. Lotus flower

    Lotus flower: The lotus has come to represent grace and equanimity. It is a Buddhist symbol of the path to enlightenment, from bud to flower rising above the muddy water. Lotuses are a little hard to come by, so you can use the image of a lotus rising from the water. It is a perfect symbol to add to your knowledge and self-development area.

  4. Peony

    Peony: It’s big and bold and always makes a statement. The peony has a larger than life presence. Historically in Chinese iconography a peony was a symbol of wealth and rank. Let your home make a big statement: when peonies are in season place a large bouquet on an entryway table to greet the energy as it enters your front door.

  5. Chrysanthemum

    Chrysanthemum (mum): The flower of autumn, chrysanthemums are a symbol of longevity. Celebrate the energy of autumn, the harvest, and the abundance of the season by placing two matching potted mums on either side of your front door.

  6. Orange blossom

    Orange blossom: A beautiful symbol of purity, grace, and simplicity. Although traditionally, worn by brides on their wedding day (Queen Victoria wore them on her wedding day), orange blossoms can be expensive (and hard to get) unless you own an orange grove. You can bring the energy of this flower into your home by using neroli/orange blossom essence (also not inexpensive, but much easier to find). This oil can be diffused to clear and cleanse the energy in the home. Neroli oil also helps to reduce anxiety and is a great mood booster.

  7. Daffodils

    Daffodils: A symbol of springtime and sunny days to come, daffodils are the perfect way to bring the grounding energy of earth into your home. Place the flowering plant in your kitchen or in the center of your home. Potted bulbs are best as they lasts longer and you get the added benefit of the earth in the pot. The earth element is represented by the colour yellow and is connected with health and well-being.

  8. Lily of the valley

    Lily of the valley: Called the flower of faeries, lily-of-the-valley adds magic to any garden. As a cut flower they are extremely fragrant and can be used to shift the energy in your home. Place them (and other fragrant flowers like lilacs) in a vase in an area of the home that you feel needs an energetic boost. Replace or remove the flowers as they wilt.

  9. Sunflower

    Sunflower: It turns its face to meet the sun. The sunflower represents all things sunny and bright. Having some sunflowers in a mixed bouquet will bring good luck and happiness into your home. Place a vase of sunflowers in the fame and reputation area of your home. It will activate this part of your life with vibrant and bright chi (energy).