Feng Shui Your Wallet for Prosperity & Wealth

Feng Shui Your Wallet for Prosperity & Wealth

Looking for a simple way to activate your wealth ch’i? Start with where you hold your cash and credit cards: your wallet! Spending the time to clean and organize your wallet is sign of respecting your hard work, earnings and cash. Take the time to read through the five steps, watch the video and then set aside a specific time to do this exercise.

5 steps to clearing and activating the energy in your wallet:

  1. Is your wallet worthy of holding your money?

    Honour your hard-earned cash with a functional and attractive place to hold it. Make sure the wallet you have is fully functional. Check that all the zippers and fasteners work. Make sure there are no rips or tears. Your wallet can be well worn but make sure it doesn’t look like it has seen better days. If needed, invest in a new wallet.

  2. Choose your colour: use colour to boost what you need.

    • Do you have trouble saving money? → brown, ochre, tan or yellow
    • Do you want to protect and maintain your money? → red or hot pink
    • Do you want to boost cash flow and increase abundance? → red, gold or purple
    • Are you starting fresh and beginning a new chapter in your life? → green or teal blue
  3. Clear the energy: does your wallet have stale energy?

    It is a good idea to clear the energy of your wallet regularly. Remove all the old invoices, receipts and bank statements; they hold the energy of spending and of money going out. Organize your credit cards; consider reducing how many you have, especially if they are causing an energetic drain on your finances. Keep the bills orderly and flat, not crumbled or balled up.

  4. Boost and activate your wallet.

    You can activate the energy of your wallet by keeping an auspicious amount of money in your wallet at all times. You will not spend this money; it will stay in a red envelope in your wallet (see below on how to make your own red envelope). You will do this to protect and modulate how you spend and earn money. It will ensure that you always have the energy of wealth in your wallet. Choose your amount $9, $18, $27 or more (nine is an auspicious and powerful number). Go to the bank and get new bills. Yes, you may have to go to the teller if you need to break it into smaller amounts. Place your chosen amount into the red envelope, you will need to fold it up. Fold it neatly, do not crumble it ☺. Watch the video for clarity.

  5. Manifest through intention.

    I recommend you approach the entire exercise, steps 1 through 5, as a ritual. Begin with a short meditation or follow your breath for two minutes before you get started. This will help you to focus on the energy you wish to manifest. As you move through the ritual be aware of each step. Do not rush. Take your time and be deliberate about your actions. Yes, you are resetting the energy of your wallet, but through these actions you will rewire your awareness of how you spend your money. Here are some examples of intentions you can set as you move through the exercise/ritual:

In gratitude: I am grateful for my clients or employer or customers. I am grateful that they value my contribution and service.
For protection: I am safe and secure. My money is protected.
For starting over or a new career: I have created a new way of earning and supporting myself. I have all the resources I need to be content and happy.
For continued success and steady cash flow: I am working diligently toward my goals and I am creating abundance in my life.
For saving and grounding: I am not the things I own or buy. I am enough. I am complete.

When should you Feng Shui your wallet?

Do a small clearing once a month (removing invoices etc) and a big energy reset (all 5 steps) once a year. Try timing it with the western New Year or Chinese solar new year, your birthday or a full moon.

Good ch’I ☺

Make your own Red Envelope

Make your own Red Envelope

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