Feng Shui elements and good design: can you have both?

As a Feng Shui consultant and interior decorator I often struggle with what should take precedence: aesthetics or good Feng Shui. I believe that if it is ugly or intrusive it is probably bad Feng Shui so you have to balance both principles when designing a room that also requires a Feng Shui overhaul . Luckily some of my favorite decorating elements are also excellent for increasing the flow of chi or for off-setting any potential energy disruptions in a space.

Here are 5 examples of decorating/feng shui elements that I have used recently in projects:

  1. Upholstered headboard: The design use is to create a focal point in the room and frankly it is another place to use fabric, especially a fabric with large repeat (I look for any opportunity to add bold fabric and colour). Feng Shui cure: it creates the symbolic ‘mountain’ in the room and adds stability and grounding to improve sleep.

    upholstered headboard

  2. Drain covers: Recently I have found these beautiful and functional drain covers. Drains are notorious energy suckers (water = wealth) and it is recommended you keep the sink drain closed and the toilet seat down. But what to do about the shower drain? I like these because they are pretty and reduce the ‘big gaping hole’ that is the showerdrain.

  3. Inspiration fabrics: In every design I start with an inspiration fabric or item. This is the pattern and colour that sets the tone and scheme of the room. Feng Shui example: I am working a bedroom that needs to be soothing with healthy energy so I looked for a fabric that had the wood element in it i.e. floral.

  4. Ginger jars: I love to bring in pieces that feel collected as opposed to bought. Ginger jars are great decorative elements that can be made into lamps or used as is. Feng Shui cure: these are great holders of unseen feng shui cures. For example they can be made into wealth jars or they can hold a written intention.

  5. Crystal table lamps and chandeliers: Adding crystal to a space can be stunning. Crystal table lamps add a little glitter and another interesting finish to the overall scheme of a room. Feng Shui cure: crystals modulate chi by revving up stagnant energy or slowing down rushing energy. Also quartz crystal lamps (made with real crystal quartz) help to absorb electromagnetic waves that are emitted by radios, computers and TVs. This is one more aid in calming the nervous system to promote a restful sleep.