What is a Feng Shui Crystal?

What is a Feng Shui Crystal?

There are two types of Feng Shui crystals:

  1. Crystals that are used in Feng Shui: natural, earth-borne stones and crystals like amethyst, citrine, black tourmaline.

  2. The Feng Shui crystal: a man-made, faceted crystal. Often made from a blend of lead and glass, these Feng Shui crystal prisms come in various sizes and colours. They have a small hole drilled in the top so they can be hung.

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The natural crystals are used in Feng Shui to activate certain energies and to create energy because they are, in way, ‘alive’. Natural crystals have a specific energy vibration that is beneficial. They also represent the earth element and create a powerful connection to the grounding energy of earth. You can also use specific stones and crystals in each of the nine guas of the bagua.

In this blog post we will focus on the second type of Feng Shui crystal; the hanging, faceted, man-made, crystal sphere, commonly referred to as the Feng Shui crystal.

The faceted, crystal prism is used in Feng Shui to:

Where should you hang a Feng Shui crystal?

How do you hang a Feng Shui crystal?

These crystals are made for hanging. They have a small hole on the top where you can easily slide a string or wire through. Watch the video to see how to hang a Feng Shui crystal. Also you can download instructions below that you can print off and follow.

Where do I find them?

I recommend using a clear, 40 mm size, approximately the size of golf ball. Some Feng Shui crystals, like Swarvoski, are a blend of lead and glass. There are also non-lead Feng Shui crystals available which are made of K9 a low-inclusion, high-refracting man-made borosilicate crown glass. A good Feng Shui crystal will sparkle and refract light, creating little rainbows when the sunlight passes through them. You can buy 40 mm crystal Feng Shui balls here.

Tip sheet for hanging a Feng Shui crystal

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