Find Your Feng Shui Five Element Personality

Find Your Feng Shui Five Element Personality

Which one are you: Go-getter, Visionary, Foundation, Closer, or Sage?

Practitioners of feng shui will talk about each of the five elements as having a signature of chi. Characteristics of energy that are aligned with the natural representations of wood, fire, earth, metal, water. This five element energy system is based on an ancient Taoist cosmological belief that everything is connected on a fundamental level. Each element is connected on an energetic level to senses, emotions, moods, ways of being, even objects, and colours.

Your personal chi and the five elements

Much emphasis is placed on the five elements and how they are represented in a space or environment, but did you know that they can also be used to describe personalities and human behavior? Personal chi is that which flows through an individual. It is expressed as both a physical quality, as well as in mental states, such as thoughts and emotions. How you walk, talk, and express yourself in the big, wide world is influenced by your life force (chi). Situations, experiences, events, and environments can shift an individual’s elemental chi.

A simple way of reading your chi

Using the five elements to examine your personal chi is a way to gain awareness and acceptance of who we are. It is a way to describe our energy at this moment in time. You can think of it as an ancient personality test. It gives us insight into our behavior: how we approach tasks, how we interact with others, and how we feel in certain environments. There are complex methods for analyzing a person’s elemental chi, such as Chinese astrological techniques of the Nine Star Ki and Bazi (the Four Pillars astrology). In this article, we will be looking at personal chi, and the five elements, in a broader and more immediate way.

Wood, fire, earth, metal or water: what element best describes you?

Do a quick mental checklist using the lists below. Ask yourself which element feels the most aligned with your energy at this time in your life? And yes, it is okay to choose more than one, if that best describes you. This exercise is meant to give you a little glimpse, and some insight, into the practice of feng shui energy readings (this is by no means a complete analysis).

So, what does this all mean?

Looking at your personality from a feng shui, and five elements, perspective provides insight that goes beyond the tangible and mundane. It is like a cosmological, and metaphysical personality test that gives us a lens, through which we can understand our personal chi. Our energy shifts, alters, and expands depending on the what, where, and when of our lives. You can use this insight when creating a supportive environment and home. This will give you a deeper understanding of how colour, space, and function can support your energy.

The next step: Understanding what to do when you have a chi imbalance. Can you have too much of one element? Learn how the five elements work together to create harmony and balance. More to come on this…