4 Simple Steps to Designing Your Feng Shui Bedroom

4 Simple Steps to Designing Your Feng Shui Bedroom

One of the best places in the home to start using Feng Shui is your bedroom. It is a small, manageable space that is easy to redesign. Simple changes to your bedroom can make a huge impact on your quality of life. The bedroom is a space you spend a lot time in, which affects the vibration of your energy, sleep patterns, productivity at work and your sex life.

Getting started designing your own Feng Shui bedroom

The video and steps below are a walkthrough of the complete FENG SHUI BEDROOM guide. You can download your free copy to access five elemental designs and worksheets.

Watch videos for Your Feng Shui Bedroom Guide

The 4 basic steps you can take to start designing or revamping your bedroom:


Determine the scope and budget of the design. You will need to decide if you are doing a complete redesign, from wall colour to furniture layout, or a simple refresh and update. The great thing about Feng Shui is you can add small accents and colours to bring in the right energy.

Layout and space planning

Draw out a floor plan of your bedroom. Using graph paper, draw out the overall room to scale include the position of doors, windows and any other structural features that will impact furniture placement. Watch my video on bed placement for more information on how to work with difficult bedroom layouts.

Find your Feng Shui inspired design concept

This is the fun and creative part. When designing with Feng Shui you will want to determine what type of energy you would like to bring into the space. Also, you will take into consideration what parts of your life you would like to balance out. For example, you may feel you need boost a new initiative in your life, and be more active, this is the wood element. The FENG SHUI BEDROOM guide has five design templates to choose from; each is connected to specific action and energy. Tip: Start your design with an inspiration piece that you can build your concept around. Fabrics, artwork and rugs are great ways to get inspired, and these pieces can become the creative anchors for your overall design.

Sourcing and specifying

This is a fancy designer way of saying GO SHOPPING! Sourcing is finding out what you need and where you can find it. Specifying is making a list of each element from paint colour to bed frame with pricing, measurements, supplier info. Make your bedroom shopping focused and efficient, by have all your paint chips, fabric samples, and furniture selection in one spot. There is a bedroom template worksheet and shopping list in the FENG SHUI BEDROOM guide you can use. Tip: a stapler is your friend. Staple swatches, chips, tear sheets and photos to the bedroom template worksheet so you can have everything in one spot.