Simple Ways to Decorate with Feng Shui: The WOOD element

Simple Ways to Decorate with Feng Shui: The WOOD element

Using Feng Shui to complement your decorating can be simple. An excellent way to merge design and Feng Shui is by playing with the five elements in your space Very simply, they are the basic elements of life: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. In the ancient practice of Feng Shui, we understand these elements to be more than actual flames, or dirt, or a tree. These elements are universal energetic essences, each with their own flavor of chi, and you can bring these energies into a space using design elements.

This is the first article in a series that will review how to decorate with each of the five elements. We will follow the creative/productive cycle and start with wood, the element of new beginnings, then move on to a new element each week. For more information about the five elements read my Feng Shui 101 article Introduction to the Five Elements.

Using design elements to create the energy of Wood

I am going to make this super simple and break it down into three ways you can decorate and design with the wood element. You can choose the level and amount of the element you want to bring in to your space. I will give you: a paint option for lots of wood, an accessory option for a touch of wood, and a beautiful and natural way to bring it into space.

Why you should consider adding the element wood to your design:

Boosting a ‘wood’ element area of the bagua

You can also use the décor ideas below to enhance an area of the bagua. You can use wood in the following areas/guas of your home: wealth (xun), family (jen), and fame (li). For an introduction to the bagua read my blog post.

bagua for wood element

Bringing in the wood element with design:

Wood element paint colour: If you really want to increase the vital energy of a room then painting the walls green is a sure-fire way to do it! Tip: Consider green walls for a small bathroom or powder room that is in a wood gua (area) of the home; this will boost the wood and help to balance the draining water. Paint colour: Frolic Sherwin Williams.

leaf art

Wood element accessory: Accessorizing is an easy and flexible way to bring an element into the space. You can choose how much or little you would like to add: a toss pillow or piece of art. Tip: If you want to make a statement choose a bold fabric or piece of art, as your design inspiration. Use it as an accent that inspires and connects the entire design and colour scheme. Artwork: Etsy original.

fiddleleaf fig

Wood element - the real deal: The single best way to bring the wood element into a space is with living wood. A healthy plant is an easy way to introduce vital chi into a space. Tip: If you find that a room feels too rigid and cold add some life with a large living plant like this gorgeous fiddleleaf fig.

Next week: Simple Ways to Decorate with Feng Shui: The FIRE element