Simple Ways to Decorate with Feng Shui: The WATER element

Simple Ways to Decorate with Feng Shui: The WATER element

Go with the flow and decorate your space with the water element. This is the fifth and last article in a series that gives you simple ways to decorate with each of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. For a broader introduction to the five elements read my Feng Shui 101 article about the Five Elements.

Using design elements to create the energy of WATER

I am giving you specific examples of how you can decorate and design with the water element. You can choose the level and amount of the element you want to bring in to your space. Maybe you feel like you need just a little water energy or maybe a lot, you choose. I will give you: a water element paint option, a watery accessory, and a simple way to bring the natural energy of water into your space.

Why you should consider adding the water element to your design:

Boosting ‘water’ element areas of the bagua

You can also use the decor ideas below to enhance a specific area of the bagua. You can use water in the following areas/guas of your home: Career (Kan) which is a water sector, and also to support the wood guas of Family (Jen) and Wealth (Xun). Read my Feng Shui 101 article for more information about the bagua.

bagua for water element

Bringing in the water element with design:

Baby Seal

Water element paint colour: For paint colour, you can use blacks as well as very dark blues and greys to bring the energy of water into a space. Feeling daring and dramatic? Try the velvety, soft black Baby Seal paint as a feature wall with crisp white trim. Tip: if your front door falls in the Career area (Kan) paint it a classic black like Sherwin William’s Tricorn Black.

round mirror

Water element accessories: Accessorizing is an easy and flexible way to bring the five elements into a space. You can choose how much or little you would like to add: a toss pillow, a rug, piece of art or lighting. Mirrors are clear and reflective like still water. Mirrors can be used to intentionally expand and activate an area of the home. Tip: place a mirror in your wealth area. It will bring the water element in, and feed the wood of wealth (Xun), and it will expand and activate the area.

fish tank

Water element - the real deal: The simplest and most straightforward way to bring the water element into a space is with flowing and moving water. For example, you can place a small tabletop fountain in the wealth corner of your desk. For more information about how to map your desk with the bagua, watch my video on how to Feng Shui your desktop. Tip: a small fish tank brings in vital, living chi, and moving water energy. Try combining all 5 elements in your fish tank: stones (earth), plants (wood), water, metal, and the fish is the fire element!