Simple Ways to Decorate with Feng Shui: The FIRE element

Simple Ways to Decorate with Feng Shui: The FIRE element

Light a fire in your design! If you want more warmth, passion, and inspiration in your life consider incorporating the fire element into your design. This is the second article in a series that gives you simple ways to decorate with each of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. For broader introduction to the five elements read my Feng Shui 101 article about the Five Elements.

Using design elements to create the energy of FIRE

This article gives you a taste and real examples of what you can use to decorate and design with the fire element. You can choose the level and amount of the element you want to bring in to your space. I will give you: a paint option for lots of fire, a piece of art for a symbolic and powerful representation of fire, and a simple way to bring the natural energy of fire into your space.

Why you should consider adding the fire element to your design:

Boosting a ‘fire’ element area of the bagua

You can also use the décor ideas below to enhance an area of the bagua. You can use fire in the following areas/guas of your home: Fame (Li), Partnership (Kun), and Knowledge (Gen). Read my Feng Shui 101 article for more information about the bagua.

bagua for fire element

Bringing in the fire element with design:

red painted table

Fire element paint colour: First, I am not recommending that you paint a room red. Yes it can work, but it needs to suit the overall design and style of the space. The design and Feng Shui of a room need to complement each other. Feng Shui should strengthen a design not overpower it. Tip: You can still use red paint in clever ways without painting an entire room: a focal wall, a rustic cottage floor, or reviving a piece of vintage furniture. Paint colour: Heritage Red by Benjamin Moore.

Fire element art

Fire element art: Accessorizing is an easy and flexible way to bring an element into the space. You can choose how much or little you would like to add: a toss pillow, a rug or piece of art. This amazing mandala created by Feng Shui expert Anjie Cho was designed to be used in your fame and reputation area. The colours, symbolism, and shapes connect directly with the energy of fire. Read more about this and other beautiful mandalas.

Anthropologie soy candles

Fire element - the real deal: The simplest and most straightforward way to bring the fire element into a space is with real fire. If it works with your design you could add a fireplace, or easier yet place some candles in your space. These stunning hand-poured soy candles are both a beautiful accessory and natural way to bring in the fire element.

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