Clutter, stuff and old, useless crap: letting go

Clear out the clutter and find something new in your life

Is it time to start de-cluttering and removing unwanted and redundant things in your life? Maybe getting rid of clutter is an ongoing struggle for you? You probably feel that you truly need all this extra clutter and stuff – just in case. You may have heard the saying: the more stuff you own the more stuff owns you. Makes sense right? car payments, mortgage, credit card payments… This stuff starts to consume us and define us. What can you let go of? By unloading clutter you can make space for something new: new opportunities, new things that bring you joy or just open space.

The prescription for finding new energy

Here is a simple prescription for letting go of things and clutter that may be holding you back.

Do an audit of your space, pick something and ask yourself three simple questions:

  1. Does this serve a purpose? – is it functional, working and practical and am I still actually using it?

  2. Not a functional item then ask – do I love this ‘thing’? Or do you keep because you feel you should?

  3. How does this object make me feel? If it stirs up negative or anxious feelings let it go.

I don’t think I need to tell what the answer means. Govern yourself accordingly….

Make a commitment to de-clutter

Now make a commitment to remove a little clutter each day. There is an old Chinese saying “If you want change in your life, move 27 things.” So let’s use that number and start by removing 3 things each day (recycling, donating or throwing out) – maybe 3 pieces of clothing you don’t wear. Commit to letting go of 3 things that don’t pass our little test above everyday for 9 days. And see what shifts in your life. So 3 x 9 = 27 things you have moved out of your life = more space.

I am going to commit to this for the next 9 days, even if it is recycling paper. I will update this post and try to add photos each time.

What I let go of: Day 1 The papers and stuff that gather on my dining room table

– 1) recycle papers, 2) put away samples and 3) junk useless computer equipement

clutter day 1