Cleansing and Clearing: Getting ready for the New Year

This is my first post on the first day of the solar year…

Getting ready for the New Year – The Year of the White Tiger (metal tiger)

This is your chance to clear out the old energy and make way for new possibilities. Here are some steps you can take to ring in the Chinese New Year and make a fresh start:

  1. Clean your house: get rid of any old, broken or unwanted things and clutter (you should be doing this on a regular basis, so why not start now).
  2. Clear out the stale energy from corners or areas of the house that may have stagnant or even negative energy. You can do this by lighting candles or better yet smudging with white sage (burning and waving the smoke – cleanse your self with the smoke as well). No white sage you can always use incense in an earthy scent like sandalwood.
  3. Take stock of your life: what do you want to accomplish this year? Set an intention or make an affirmation of what you would like to see happen in the coming year.

This is going to be a year of ups and downs. The white tiger is from the metal element. Some have predicted that this means the price of gold and other metal commodities will increase. Also it has been said that those who were born in the year of the monkey, snake or tiger will have a rough go of it this year.

Good luck and there will be more to come on what to do with your newly set intentions….