Ch’i in a home is as water is to a river

More prep for the Chinese New Year…

How is that clutter removal going? You really need to clear away items that could be creating stagnant or even worse negative ch’i before you do any Feng Shui cures or cleansing rituals. These items create blockages and stuck energy in your home. Ch’i in a home is as water is to a river. First you can’t have a river without water (that would be a pretty crappy river). Now imagine a dead tree has fallen into this river, the water can’t flow, debris gets stuck and this debris starts to rot…Okay you get the idea. So you have to rid your home of objects that block this flow of energy to keep the ch’i moving freely through out your space.

If you are ready to clear the clutter ask yourself three questions when evaluating items in your home:

  1. Does it lift my energy when I look at it or when I think about how it came into my life? Use your instinct to answer this question.
  2. Do I love it? Does it inspire me?
  3. Is it truly useful? When did I last use it or am I going to use again in the future? Be honest with yourself.

If that isn’t enough inspiration for you to begin your quest for a clutter-free home, perhaps understanding what your clutter says about you and how it can impact your life will give you the push you need.

Next post will be on what different types of clutter symbolize in your life…