Q&A: Bedrooms & Kitchen

Q&A: Bedrooms & Kitchen

“Hey Laura,

I found your awesome stuff online! Very good stuff, great work you're doing! :) 

My question is regarding my bed placement. Check the picture I attached in this email...  In the pic there is one room with a bed in it, and I don't know what to do because the only way I can place it is like that... or so I think???  As you see, the head of the bed is right next to the kitchen, which I've understood is a big "no no"... so what do

you think I should do? Are there any remedies for this or so? Unfortunately, I can't use a thick headboard because the I'll not be able to open the closets.

What would you do if you were me? (My "kua number" is 2 by the way) I've not moved into that room yet so I don't know how I'll sleep just putting my bed there doing nothing else, but according to feng shui that placement would be the best just looking at the room alone (right?), but the fact that the kitchen is just next to my head is not good.  So, that’s my challenge :)

Thank in advance!

Rob from Sweden”

bedrooms and kitchen layout

Hello, Rob! that you are enjoying all of the resources on my website. It’s also always a pleasure to hear from international feng shui followers!

Your question about bed placement is a good one, but first, a note about the “kua number” you mentioned. A personal kua number is a method used in the compass school of feng shui, I practice Black Sect feng shui (BTB feng shui). There are many different schools of feng shui, and while each school may have a different methods or approaches, but they all share one common goal: to create harmony and balance in our environments and lives.  Now on to Rob’s question:

Bedrooms & Kitchens

Rob’s challenge is that his bedroom space is limited, and bed placement can be difficult when you have limited options. In this case, Rob only has one wall to place the head of the bed on, and it happens to have to the kitchen on the other side of it. While a bed near the kitchen might seem like a good thing if you like to grab little late night snack, it’s not a great layout for energy flow.

In feng shui, you have to work with what you have, and find the best option for your situation. Luckily, we have many adjustments in BTB feng shui to help us, so no throwing in the towel and finding a new apartment ;) Here are a few things for Rob to consider:

Command position

Ideally, when you are lying in bed you should be able to see the main entry to the room, this is called the command position. From the floor plan Rob submitted it appears that, as long as Rob’s door is swinging the right way, his bed is set up for success.

Although the head of Rob’s bed does share a wall with the kitchen, it is not the wall where the stove is situated. From a feng shui standpoint, this would be more of a concern if the stove were on the other side of the wall.

Electromagnetic fields

However, Rob may want to check to see if electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) are higher where his head is at night. There is research that in some cases EMFs can cause anxiety and sleep disturbances. To check for EMFs, you can hire someone who specializes in assessing homes using a tri-field meter. Another simple solution to ground your space would be to install ‘ground fault interrupter’ outlets within the room. Of course, I am not familiar with electrical codes in Sweden, but I do know that Europe and Scandinavia are ahead of North America in recognizing the impact of EMFs.

Decorate with feng shui in mind

Additionally, Rob’s room does not allow for a thicker upholstered headboard, but any headboard would be a great addition as long as it is securely attached to the bed. It will provide support, and make him feel more secure and stable.

To lift the energy of the room further, a simple and fun solution would be to paint the wall where the head of the bed is an uplifting colour. I would suggest a wood element colour, green or mid-tone blues, which bring in vital qi.

Because it is the fridge on the other side of Rob’s wall, and not the stove, he can make some of the adjustments mentioned above and be sure that qi will be optimized in his cozy space.

Red Envelope Exchange: Transcendental Cures

If there was a stove on the other side of Rob’s wall, I would reach out to him to see if he wanted to work one-on-one and honour the red envelope tradition. The invisible (transcendental) cures are sometimes found in books, but most often only shared by practitioners. Invisible cures may be rituals, meditations, etc. which are effective ways to further boost your physical adjustments with powerful intention. In BTB feng shui, red envelopes are exchanged to transmit transcendental cures. The colour red is protective, activating, and auspicious. An amount of money is added in each envelope (1, 3, or 9 envelopes), and the amount in each envelope is left up to the receiver of the transmission. When I receive red envelopes from my clients as well, I sleep with them under my pillow for one night, transmitting the best wishes and highest good for all involved in the exchange..

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