How to Design Using the Five Elements: Two Design Case Studies

How to Design Using the Five Elements: Two Design Case Studies

Now that you understand the different ways you can add the five elements to your space: color, shape, material, let’s chat a little more about how you can bring them into your design and decorating. (If you haven’t read my blog about the basics of the 5 Elements, here’s the link.) If you would like to create a well-balanced and harmonious space, do what we call “the five element adjustment”: Intentionally add all five elements into one room or defined space. In order of importance, here are the best ways to introduce an element into the space:

Real-life and nature:

The elemental color: For example, by adding bright green, you bring in the energy of wood.

The elemental shape: Using shape in a smaller space is not as powerful as the other two methods above. When shape is used on large scale--for example the overall shape of the building or lot--it can override all other factors and determine the dominant elemental energy.

Design Case Study Number 1:

5 elements case study 1

Reviewing this living room, designed by yours truly (Morris Feng Shui & Design), you can see how you can add the five elements in very subtle, yet effective ways, while maintaining drama and interest.

Fire: bench and lighting

Earth: yellow pillows and vases

Metal: white walls and sofa

Water: black drapery panels and mirror

Wood: Orchids

Design Case Study Number 2:

5 elements case study 2

Using the example of this gorgeous living room designed by Niche Décor, we see how artwork and accessories can balance the five elements in a space.

Fire: splashes of red in the artwork and lighting

Earth: accessorising with geodes and brown flooring

Metal: metal vases and the white sofa

Water: the dark blue walls

Wood: the vase of flowers and splashes of color in the artwork

Ready for the next step? Understanding how the elements interact

The interplay between these elements can create shifts in energy that can effect and enhance all parts of your life.

In Feng Shui, we talk about energetic reactions in a space or in an individual. And we use the Five Elements to create those energetic reactions. For example, a sequence of clothing colors can activate the chi of a person.

For more about the creative and destructive cycles of the Five Elements, stay tuned for my next blog on the topic.